1/8/2019  Variable speed pumps

We highly recommend installing Variable Speed pool pumps, offered by Hayward, Jandy, and Pentair, to upgrade your pool and make it more energy-efficient. Single speed pool pumps, previously used for the last few decades, can be noisy, expensive and run at the same speed at all times. A variable speed pump can be programmed to run on a scheduled low speed rather than on a constant higher speed. Variable speed pumps are initially more expensive than their single speed predecessors, but they provide dramatic savings over time due to reduced monthly energy costs. PNM offers a 300.00  rebate for clients who install variable speed pumps. 

 1/7/2019  Now that the holidays are over no one is thinking about the upcoming pool season but, me & several thousand  pool service people that are just tired of shoveling snow & cannot wait for that first day of spring. Even though your  pool is winterized . By the end of January our daytime temperatures will slowly start rising.  If you have a safety cover this is a very good time to peel back a corner  to check and adjust your chemicals. The last 3 years we have had warmer  than usual temperatures causing a lot of pool's to be green when opened. Chemicals such as granular chlorine can be dissolved in a plastic bucket & added to the pool. ( Please do not mix chemicals together)